J O I N   U S

If you want to join our clan, you should be awake of some things

listed on the right. You should be very positive about Eradica7e and

determined to join us. 


You are able to go to contact in the website menu to send an email

to us or to contact us in the PSN by using the IDs of the contact men 

listed on the bottom right.

Once we are interested in you, the responsible person will let you know and check you out. For instance you may have to play a 

1vs1 Sniper Match, but this test match will not be about winning or losing, it is just a method to see your skills. It has not to be a 1vs1, it

is up to the situation and will decided by the responsible person.


You also have the possibility to show one or more of your clip(s), what naturally would be of better use. Try to convince us and most of all you have to know...why us?


  • minimum age of 16 years

  • above-average sniper skills

  • PS4 incl. the actual CoD

  • headset to speak

  • respectful & adult behave

  • not member in other clans

  • loyality to Eradica7e

  • leadership has authority

contact men:

Founder:       Era7_Fly

Leader:          Era7_Wesker

Co-Leader:    Era7_Predator