A B O U T   U S

Eradica7e was born from the ashes of the german sniper clan German Blood which was closed a long time ago, but already at the time of Modern Warfare 3 they characterised the german scene of 1vs1 sniper matches. 


The leader xI-Can_Fly made the decision to let the clan resurrect. Anyway, it is not [GB] anymore - even if it was fundamental for Eradica7e's creation - it is something new, permanent and better.

The name 'Eradica7e' means something like completely exterminate, and exactly that should be significant for the sniper skills with what any member should reflect the clan. Even if  some of us do not completely fulfill that meaning, but that is our all goal. Only the best snipers can join us, we are not a majority, there are not many of us, and that shall not change.


We are mostly represented on YouTube and in the scene itself, so if your Interest is awakened, visit us on YouTube. All of our social media is findable at the bottom right of this website. Eradica7e - Only God Can Stop Us!